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Five Belly Dance moves for toned abs

Whenever I’m introducing myself as a belly dancer to someone new, the first thing they always say is “Oh WOW I bet you have great abs!” Now while I’m a huge advocate of lifting weights to get the bod I want, there are definitely ways to engage the abs through Belly Dance to get a more toned effect. Grab onto these fun dance moves and make your way towards a belly you love.

Hip lifts- lifting your hips up towards your ribcage engages your internal and external oblique muscles. These muscles are located on the internal and external sides of your body giving you that delicious hourglass effect.

Pelvic tuck- lifting the pelvis forward and up engages the rectus abdominis muscle in the front ab section that gives that rippled six pack effect.

Undulations- this great move of squeezing your belly and rolling from top to bottom and in reverse from bottom to top engages your rectus abdominis. This is that awesome band of muscle that lives down the front of your lovely bod and allows you to bend forward and back, you’ll want to keep this muscle in great shape for active healthy living.

Hip twists- twisting the hip to from side to front again taps into those fantastic internal and external obliques that also provide stability for great posture and spine support.

So there you have it! I’m sure there’s more, but here are a few great reasons to incorporate dance into your daily life and workout habit! Keeping toned abs helps alleviate back pain and provides support for all of your daily activities. My favorite benefit of toned abs is that it looks great and feels good to live in a body you love! So get moving and enjoy!

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