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Becoming the Master

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When I was a kid I remember the definition of a person who had mastered something was someone who had practiced one thing for a minimum of 25yrs.

I imagine the beauty of being able to call yourself a Master in dance would be the ability to share with others the long and incredible journey you have taken, and the many true to life lessons you have learned over multiple decades. Sharing information like, "wear your knee pads and dance shoes today so you can dance for a lifetime and not just this year".

While I have been dancing for over 25yrs (and I use the term "over 25yrs" so I don't have to look too hard at my age! ha! ) I would not, could not call myself a Master, and I'm completely fine with that. I could start counting the years today and still have time to be a Master Instructor by the time I retire, at which point I will be teaching dance class in a retirement home somewhere in Florida, OK maybe not Fla., somewhere warm. I'll offer Master classes because they'll be filled with a lifetime of knowledge, my hard work and passion, with the gifts of my instructors and the many dancers before us who have lit the way for us thus far.

We all get to decide who we want to be, and how we want to present ourselves to the world. We can choose to be creative, inspired, honest, authentic or unique. When carving our path it's easy to get caught up in our ego, get off track and tripped up in trends, I've certainly been there myself. I guess I'm writing to remind myself and maybe someone else, it's ok, give yourself time, don't be afraid to be on your journey instead of at your destination. Learning is delicious, best served with a plate of humble pie. :)

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